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Empowering operators, enhancing patient care with Biologie Habilitation.

Are you an In Vitro Diagnostic company looking to provide your customers with a comprehensive solution for managing the competencies of their operators of decentralized biology devices?
Our Story

Biologie Habilitation was founded in 2023 by a team of experts in the field of in vitro diagnostics, telemedicine, and e-learning. The idea behind the development of Biologie Habilitation was to provide a solution for the growing need for efficient and effective training and management of operator competencies in the field of decentralized biologics. The team recognized that the traditional methods of training and managing operator competencies were time-consuming, costly, and often ineffective. As a result, they set out to create a turnkey solution that would allow for telehabilitation and compliance with ISO 15189, making it a practical and cost-effective choice for IVD companies and their customers. Today, Biologie Habilitation is a leading provider of training and management solutions for operator competencies in the field of decentralized biologics.

Our Vision

At Biologie Habilitation, we believe that operator competency is essential for the reliable and accurate performance of decentralized biological testing. Our vision is to help IVD companies and their customers manage and maintain operator competencies to the highest standards, regardless of the complexity or connectivity of the testing devices. We want to provide a flexible and efficient solution for the training and assessment of operators, which can be easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows and adapted to the specific needs of different users. By doing so, we aim to contribute to the improvement of patient care and the quality of testing results, while reducing the workload and costs associated with operator training and management.


Biologie Habilitation is a web-based platform that uses the latest technologies to provide a simple and effective way to manage and maintain operator competencies for decentralized biologic testing. Our platform is easy to use and accessible from any device with an internet connection. It allows operators to complete their training and maintain their competencies remotely, saving time and resources for both operators and managers. Biologie Habilitation is designed with ISO 15189 compliance in mind, ensuring that the laboratory remains in compliance with standards while providing a modern and innovative solution for managing operator competencies. With features such as automated reminders and customizable workflows, Biologie Habilitation is the ideal solution for any laboratory looking to improve their operator competency management.

Who are we

How it works

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Biologie Habilitation allows for telehabilitation, providing a flexible and efficient solution for maintaining operator competencies, especially for non-connected devices and operators with low activity.


Biologie Habilitation is compliant with ISO 15189, ensuring that operator competencies are managed and maintained to the highest standards.

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How it works
Who are we ?
Doctor Laure Dellamonica is the founder of Biologie e-learning and Biologie habilitation. With a strong background in medical biology and e-learning, she identified the need for a more efficient and flexible solution for managing operator competencies in the field of decentralized biology. She developed Biologie habilitation, a turnkey telehabilitation solution compliant with ISO 15189, to help companies and operators maintain and improve their skills. Her vision is to make operator competencies management easier and more effective for the users of decentralized biology devices.
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